òL New York redefines forward-thinking style with a clean look that is easily adaptable into any wardrobe. Offering a range of apparel and accessories, we design for the style enthusiast of today who takes pride in looking and feeling good in what they wear. òL is a progressive source of fashion. We are focused on authenticity and we are passionate about designing tasteful pieces that are easily adaptable into any wardrobe.


"Yesterdays Underdog, Todays Champion"  – Allen Aderotoye

New York based menswear brand òL continues its refined approach to menswear with the launch of their A/W’16 collection titled, Rise of the Underdog. The 'rise' is symbolically very important. It reflects less on the objectification of who the Underdog is, and more so on the journey the Underdog has to take. “Yesterday's underdog, today's champion." To become that champion you've got to love the process more than you love the title.

Thus, The Underdog collection is largely inspired by the youth culture movement. When we look back through history the youth have often times been the catalysts of change, Underdogs to an established and rigid status quo. This collection is an illustration of that mentality. To really capture the flavors of rebellion, passion and persistence the collection is heavily influenced by styles of the 70's UK punk movement, and 90's New York Downtown scene with added twists. 


Allen Aderotoye is a leading artist amongst the crop of emerging creatives in New York city. As the designer behind menswear brand òL (outside lines), Aderotoye has quickly amassed global attention, building buzz in creative circles in cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, & Tokyo. While only on his third collection, he's already defined his vision.

Having accumulated experience from elite companies such as Adidas, West Elm, Kith, and the GAP, as well as taking part in intensive British design, & global immersion programs in both London and Australia, Aderotoye applies his diverse experience as the driving force behind òL New York.